Statement Poster: Survival of the nature

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the judicious collection.

good judgment.
common sense.
in sweden we call it klok.

Take your broken heart and turn it into art. The global issues are breaking our heart and to be judicious to us means to have common sense, to be truly honest with the thought that our way of living many times are far from OK and are affecting future generations all over world. To realize that change has to be made and to brave enough to accept the challenge. In our part of the world we have some key issues to deal with.

We think that all you have to do to be a change maker, to be a true hero and to actually help save the world, is to be j u d i c i o u s. The rest will come naturally.

Statement: Survival of the nature

We all have seen photos of the starving polarbears and heard about people creating hotels for bee’s out in parks. Species are symbols for a healthy planet and we humans are completely dependent on the biodiversity to have healthy ecosystem that contributes to clean air, clean water and food. We draw energy and nutrients from nature and ecosystems. We find sources of food, medicine, livelihoods and innovation in nature and ecosystems. Our well-being fundamentally depends on nature.

Due to human activity and climate change biodiversity is today decreases at an alarming rate, and up to one million species are now threatened with extinction. Humans has drastically changed the earth's habitats, three quarters of the land environments and two-thirds of the marine environments have been heavily influenced by human activity such as agriculture. Then add that the release of greenhouse gas emissions has doubled since 1990, this which increases both the global temperature and the rise the sea levels. This has resulted in a change of life for many animals and both led to a decrease in birth-rate for species and in some cases also extinction.

We need to focus on how nature can still be conserved, restored and used sustainably, which will build stronger ecosystems and increase the biodiversity.

How to be judicious in this matter?

  • Eat more vegetarian and eat up the food you buy. Food waste means that we have grown the food unnecessarily.
  • Choose electric car, train, bike and public transport in front of fossil-driven transportation.
  • Avoid tourist attractions with live wildlife, such as elephant riding and petting wild animals.
  • Plant plants that the pollinators like and ensure that there are flowering plants throughout the growing season.


Poster Information:
Size: 40x30 cm
Uncoated Swan-labeled paper. 170 g.
Limited to 20pc.


the judicious collection.

a unique poster collaboration between Free Spirit Shaking Soul & artist Christine Johanson. (