Macrame Lichen

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Macrame art by fiber artist Fjällknop - Salli E Skött


A word from Salli:
One reindeer- longing for food.
Trying to reach the lichen under the snow- but the snow has (due to climate change) melted and then turned into ice and the reindeer can’t reach it.
He walks down to the forest where he can always trust that lichen hangs.
But when he comes down there is no forest left.

For a long time, the forest has been cut down.
All over the world.

This piece is made for the importance of keeping the old forests especially in the north of Scandinavia. The reindeer lichen grows slowly, about 10 percent per year. Hanging lichen is a complement to reindeer lichen, especially during winters when the pasture is locked under an ice cover.

Increased deforestation and environmental degradation have reduced the hanging lichen in the forests. Too high a reindeer population in relation to grazing supply leads to a reduction in the lichen cover, which in turn can lead to landscapes and biotopes changing so that the soil erodes. The big challenge for reindeer husbandry in the future is sufficient pastures and managing the pastures so that biological diversity is maintained.

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