Statement Poster: 1970's Energy

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the judicious collection.

good judgment.
common sense.
in sweden we call it klok.

Take your broken heart and turn it into art. The global issues are breaking our heart and to be judicious to us means to have common sense, to be truly honest with the thought that our way of living many times are far from OK and are affecting future generations all over world. To realize that change has to be made and to brave enough to accept the challenge. In our part of the world we have some key issues to deal with.

We think that all you have to do to be a change maker, to be a true hero and to actually help save the world, is to be j u d i c i o u s. The rest will come naturally.

Statement: 1970's Energy

Back in 1972, Ted Gärdestad, Is a Swedish singer was on to something, without even knowing it.  He was singing about how his dreams where made of sun, wind and water and today, almost 50 years later, its more relevant then ever.

What is sustainable energy? In order to create a sustainable future for us and our planet, we must change to 100 percent renewable energy and completely stop using fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas. The renewable energy sources are constantly supplied with new energy from, for example, the sun and therefore do not end. The non-renewable energy sources, on the other hand, are in a certain amount on our soil and are very slowly or not re-formed. They can therefore run out and the more of those used today, the less remains for future generations. Globally, today's energy system consists largely of fossil energy types. But we can no longer close our eyes to the fact that 75 percent of all the greenhouse gas emissions that heat our planet with disastrous consequences come from the use of fossil energy.

Now we need a sustainable solution to our energy needs and to get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels. One step is to converting to renewable energy - such as solar, wind and hydro - we solve some of our greatest problems today. But there may not be one simple solution for everyone everywhere, In windy Ireland, wind energy may play an important role while solar and wave power may become more important in Portugal. On remote islands in the Pacific, you need to be self-sufficient in energy, while many countries in Europe can share energy when you have surplus via the electricity grid.

How to be judicious in this matter?

  • Learn about different kind of energy sources, not everything is black and white, there are many small scale sustainable alternatives out there that can be suitable for your needs.
  • Look through your own energy habits, find your ways to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Appreciate the benefits we get from energy, but also know that it comes with a high price.

Poster Information:
Size: 40x30 cm
Uncoated Swan-labeled paper. 170 g.
Limited to 20pc.

the judicious collection.
a unique poster collaboration between Free Spirit Shaking Soul & artist Christine Johanson. (